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   Nodaway Community Theater Company (NCTC) owns properties in Maryville at 116 West Third Street, 118 West Third Street, and 118 1/2 West Third Street (the second story, spanning 116 through 120 West Third Street properties).
   The entire front of the building was erected in 187O. The second story was called Union Hall and was the first theater in Maryville. Union Hall was used as a substitute courthouse in 1880 for the murder trial of Albert and Charles Talbott, accused of killing their father. Union Hall later became home to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows with over 250 members; later, a night spot for Maryville police and firefighters; and, later still, a storage space for Hunt Construction.
   The building with our stage (116 West Third Street) was once a Motor Parts and Equipment Store, was once owned by E.W Gray, and was later sold to Kissinger Greenhouses. Fred Rohs purchased it from the Kissingers and renovated it to become an art gallery, the Artisan.
   The building at 120 West Third Street housed a shoe store in 1929, that later became an army surplus store, and was subsequently renovated with the dream of its becoming an antique store. We suspect that an addition to the back of the building once housed a meat market.
   Obviously, it would be wonderful to "fill in the gaps" with information about other ownerships--including dates and pictures! If you have information to share, please contact Nina Dewhirst at We would love sharing the history behind Union Hall and our historic 1870's building!
   Remember the hailstorm of 2011? Members of NCTC certainly do! We had just purchased the property above The Rose Theater because rain was pouring in from its roof to our stage, below! We closed in early August, and the hailstorm hit on August 18! Luckily, we had insurance.

   This video shows roof damage from the hailstorm, as well as pictures from our second story and the Odd Fellows display in the window of The Rose, downstairs.


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